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Hello everyone!

We have approached the end of our first crowdsale period and wanted to issue a quick update to keep everyone fully aware of our plan moving forward.  To everyone who has participated in our journey thus far, thank you so much.  It’s hard to express how much we value our community and we’ve been consistently humbled by the quality of individuals who have reached out to us.

Our first priority is to execute the conditions of our crowdsale.  The protocol we defined states that in the event our minimum investment goal is not reached, we will be refunding all ETH invested.  There is no action required, this will begin on September 20, 2017, 0800 UTC and run until finalized.  You will receive your ETH in the wallet you used to contribute to the crowdsale contract.

Our second priority is acknowledging the hard work of participants in the bounty program.  All participants will receive their stakes in the form of RBT, the Rakugo Bounty Token.  These tokens will be used to credit participants with stakes in the bounty program we will offer in our next ICO.  You will receive 1 RBT per 1 RKT that you were going to receive according to your earned stakes.  There will be a two week settling period to make sure the current stakes are correctly accounted for and give time for any last minute adjustments to be made.  At the end of this two week period, RBT will be issued to bounty program participants starting on October 02, 2017, 0800 UTC.

Over the course of the crowdsale, we took in a lot of data that helped shape an improved product roadmap and token economy.  We are continuing our due diligence and engaging our network of advisors to finalize the roadmap.  We will unveil the whitepaper for our next ICO as soon as it is finalized.

In any case, we are not changing our initial vision, we are focusing our roadmap and improving our overall value proposition.  Although the scope of our utility has widened, Rakugo is still on track to be the protocol that storytellers and influencers can use to turn their creative energy into a valuable, tradable asset.  We remain absolutely committed to maximizing the value we create for our platform stakeholders.  We hope to have you aboard the spaceship as we fuel up and recalculate our launch trajectory.

To the Moon 

The Rakugo Team