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Scalability Reimagined

Thank you for all of your support during our development with Rakugo. Our team has now coalesced around a grander mission: Constellation Labs. Join us in our Telegram channel here

The Constellation protocol implements a horizontally scalable blockchain architecture known as Extended Trust Chain with a peer-to-peer layer known as a gossip protocol that can be deployed on a mobile device. Constellation approaches smart contracts as a microservice architecture allowing for highly available services to be functionally chained and composed into distributed applications with just an understanding of each microservice’s SLA’s (service level agreement) and/or type signature.

Our vision is to develop a distributed operating system for developers that maximizes scalability and removes transaction fees. This allows new and existing applications to seamlessly integrate the blockchain into their emerging and established systems.

Because of this change, we will be rolling over all bounties into the Constellation ICO.Our new website is Our social channels will be updated to reflect the new and wider scope of our company and we hope that all of you will continue to participate and join us as we shoot beyond the moon as we enter a new frontier of building with blockchain.

The Constellation Team