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A protocol to enable media sourcing, creation, and distribution using self-governing communities

Rakugo ICO Reversal is Complete

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Latest update on Crowdsale

Hello everyone! We have approached the end of our first crowdsale period and wanted to issue a quick update to keep everyone fully aware of our plan moving forward.  To everyone who has participated in our journey thus far, thank you so much.  It’s hard to express how...

Rakugo’s Reviews by Smith & Crown & Zirra/

Rakugo – the under the radar ICO you should invest in. If you haven’t heard of Rakugo yet then I will quickly introduce you to who we are and why you should invest in our live ICO. We have just had two major reviews published on our ICO over the past two weeks from...

Drilling down into Rakugo’s revenue model

Back in July we introduced the various revenue channels that Rakugo will offer content creators to monetize their work.  To summarize, content creators can collect revenue from the following channels: Advertisements (native crypto ad platform + 3rd party ad partners)...