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Hello Rakugo Community,

First and foremost,  we over here at Rakugo would like to say thank you for your ongoing support. We are incredibly excited to be working towards a vision of providing a decentralized services marketplace. We know that you are eager to get your Rakugo Bounty Tokens so we have an update.

We have decided to hold off on minting the RBT tokens. Why? Wasted gas. The tokens will need to be minted (gas), sent to all participants (gas in miners fees), and then you will hold them until they are to be sent back to us to be exchanged (more and more gas fees for you). The primary function of the RBT token was to allow for the bounty participants to have access to something that would preserve their activity, therefore, we have uploaded the bounty stakes ledger into IPFS where it cannot be changed. Our head of Product, Henry, put together a great post on IPFS and viewing your stakes. Check it out here

We have decided that since we are currently undergoing a token restructure, once our impending ICO is finished, then we can pay out the full stakes to all participants in our new token and minimize the price that will be payed to the Ethereum network. We understand that this is in a slightly new direction than we originally set out with. However, we would like to assure you that we are optimizing the payment process and cannot wait to reward you all for you continued support. Again, thank you all for your patience and understanding.

To the stars,

The Rakugo Team