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Rakugo – the under the radar ICO you should invest in.

If you haven’t heard of Rakugo yet then I will quickly introduce you to who we are and why you should invest in our live ICO. We have just had two major reviews published on our ICO over the past two weeks from Smith & Crown and Zirra/ Scoring 8.9 on our Zirra review puts our ICO in the same level as the likes of Civic and Filecoin which are among the only ICO’s scoring higher. We launched under the radar to attract a range of large and small investors. We wanted to make sure our crowdsale was a fair and democratic for everyone (more on this in another blog post this week).


Zirra conducted an excellent unbiased review of our platform and managed to fully understand the value proposition of the Rakugo Seed Token sale and the power of the platform we are building. Our highest scores were awarded for the ‘high equitability’ and ‘market need’ for our product. Additionally, we have also partnered with Zirra and are working with their accelerator program to bring investors to the ICO.


Read the full review here (click link):

Smith & Crown:

Smith & Crown reached out to us directly to conduct a full audit and transparent review of the Rakugo ICO. They were particularly impressed with the founding team we have created, this includes ex-NASA engineers, growth and publishing talent, blockchain engineers from Consensys, and high caliber Machine Learning talent to build Rakugo.


Read the full review here (click link):


Our team is based in San Francisco and with our team of full time founding members working out of a crypto co-working space in The Misson. We are working over the next three weeks to bring a launch event to San Francisco on the 16th September where we will live demo our beta product on the main-net.

At this time, we will start monetizing Rakugo and be the first ICO to launch our product and monetize DURING our ICO. We have a strong philosophy at Rakugo where we believe that building a great working product will drive investment and growth. With our token paying 20% of revenue to token holders on a quarterly basis we are committed to delivering a product and revenue – unlike other ICO’s who raise too much money and deliver little – we are not the same!

This is a great opportunity to invest in the future of publishing. We have a world class team, clear strategy, and perfect opportunity to rapidly grow into a space that is in need of disruption. We are working with our advisor Ben Jorgensen to bring institutional Venture Capital funds to Rakugo during the ICO. If you are an accredited investor in the US please contact us to find out how you can invest in our limited accredited investor pool – email Brendan Playford for more information.

We are running a bonus program for investors for the month of August until the 4th September, you can get a 2.5-12% bonus on all investments over 1ETH using the code INVESTORAUG


Read the investor pitch deck (click here)


Invest in the ICO (click here)


If you are interested in attending our event in San Francisco on the 16th of September please contact us on

Kind regards,

Brendan Playford